Measurement & Control  
I.A)Continuous Liquid Level.
  I.A.1) Ultrasonic level transmitters:

Ultrasonic level transmitters are used for applications where reliability and repeatability are required at the most economic price. duties include inventory control, process vessel level and wet well/sump control.

• 2 Wire 24 V dc loop powered transmitter 
• Contents measurement displayed in any units
• Control systems with 5 relay outputs
• Certified for use in zone 0 hazardous area
• HART digital communications
• Hazardous area models EExia
• Local or remote programming
• Measure Level, Distance, Contents or Flow


I.A.2) Displacer level transmitters & Interface detection:

In harsh operating conditions where high pressure and temperatures preclude other instrumentation, stable measurements are made with the displacer level transmitter.

• 2 wire 24v dc loop powered
• 4-20mA output
• Digital communications - HART compatible
• EExd or EExia certification in-tank or on bench
• Non-interactive zero and span
• Direct or external cage mounting
• Option of local indicator
• Level, contents or interface measurement


I.A.3) Hydrostatic level transmitters:

Submersible or external tank contents transmitters and accessories designed to perform in the arduous conditions of today's industrial measurement applications .they provide the measurement solution where in tank problems such as foaming, vapor layers and temperature gradients prohibit the use of other instrumentation.

• 4-20mA output signal proportional to level      
• Flush mounted ceramic sensor
• Ideal for industrial or marine applications
• Wide range of mounting options
• Low cost installation
• Readouts for control room or plant mounting
• Site adjustable SG compensation
• Intrinsically safe certified   

  I.A.4) Magnetic level gauge & Indicators:

 For reliable level or interface indication of all liquids including Clean, Dirty, Aerated, viscous and slurry without the need for an external power source. the magnetic level gauge is the perfect solution.

• Wide range of pressure ratings from PN6 to PN420 (ANSI 150 to 2500)           
•  Simple, robust, and solid design
•  Pressure and gas proof separation of chamber and display
•  Measuring and indicating of the level of aggressive, combustible, toxic, hot, agitated,  contaminated liquids
•  Indicators display without external power supply
•  Wide range of temperature from -160 to +400°C
•  Range of switches and transmitters
•  Wide range of materials
•  Easy to read from a distance
•  Customization - Flexibility
•  ATEX approved instrumentation

  I.A.5) Guided wave radar level transmitters & Interface detection:

It is a reliable and cost effective measurement of liquids and solids applications. GWR technology combined with advanced signal processing enables both level and interface measurement data from the same transmitter.

• No mechanical moving parts
• Unaffected by changes in dielectric, density, temperature, pressure and PH
• Wide range of probe options to handle obstructions, turbulence and foam  
• Coatings and aggressive media
• Loop powered
• Advanced signal processing 
• Level and interface measurement from one instrument


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