Measurement & Control  

V) Density Capability.


V.A) On – Line liquid density transmitters & transducers.

V.A.1) Type 7835/45/46/47:

• Straight-through flow path reduces  pressure drop, minimizes maintenance
• No moving parts or seals
• Unaffected by vibration
• Insensitive to flow and pressure variations
• Wide range of materials available to suit most applications
• Approved for use in hazardous areas
• Entrained gas version available  

  V.A.2) Insertion Liquid Density Transmitter Type 7826:

• Direct insertion sensor
• Suitable for high line pressure
• Wetted parts 316L S. Steel, Hastelloy, Monel Titanium
• Continuous measurement
• Hygienic
• Zero maintenance
• Integral Class B PT100 temperature sensor

  V.A.3) Long Stem Density Transmitter Type 7826 & 7828 :

• Suitable for use on open and closed tanks
• Low cost installation
• Low/zero maintenance – no moving parts
• Integral PT100 temperature sensor
• Lengths up to 4.0 meters
• Rugged and reliable
• Hazardous area approved ATEX II 2G EEx 'd' IIC T4


V.A.4) Insertion Density Transmitter  Type 7828 :

• Fully integrated "fit and forget" digital density measurement for monitoring and control
• Low cost insertion installation
• Direct analog (4-20mA) output of density, base density, or special calculation (% solids, ºAPI, Specific Gravity, etc.)
• RS485/Modbus communications
• On-node configured
• Rugged and reliable
• PC configuration tool for diagnostics and data logging
• EEx 'd' IIC T4 approved


V.B) Gas Specific Gravity & Density Transducers.

  V.B.1) Gas Density Transducer Type 7812:

• Approved for use in hazardous areas
• Reliable-No moving parts
• Highest accuracy and resolution available today
• Integral temperature sensor
• Low velocity of sound effect
• Ethylene version available
• Fast reaction to process changes                   

  V.B.2) Gas Specific Gravity Transducer Type 3098 :

• Direct on-line measurement of specific gas or normal density
• Highest accuracy and resolution available today
• Self compensation for gas compressibility
• Fast, dynamic response to process conditions
• Intrinsically safe


V.C) Fast Loop Density Analysis Skids:

The density metering skid is a complete system for accurate density measurement of liquid hydrocarbon product, designed in accordance with the latest international standards and codes of practice.

• Real time, high accuracy density measurement
• Fast loop - density measurement sample response time in seconds
• Low maintenance required
• High integrity design - minimize environmental impact
• All instrumentation mounted in a single skid
• Vibrating tube densitometer is mounted under optimum conditions


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