Measurement & Control  

III) Flow Capability.


III.A) Open channel flow system:
The system comprises DC powered flow log MCU900 control unit and ultrasonic transmitter (MSP 900) with amounting kit. the control unit has 7000 events logging capability, 366 daily total flows and 5 relays outputs. the ultrasonic transmitter measures the liquid level and communicates values to the flow log.

Calculates flow in an open channels in accordance with BS3680 Pt. 4,  ISO14381/1 and ISO4359
OCF calculation for Parshall flumes
Clear local back lit display of:
Instantaneous flow
Daily totalized flow
Cumulative flow
On-board logging of up to 7200 flow values and 365 daily flow rates
Current output can be proportional to instantaneous flow rate or to a rolling average of flow over a user defined averaging period      
Relays can be allocated as flow rate alarms or may be selected as a pulse output to an external totalizer

  III.B) Ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter:
Idea foras a portable survey liquid flowmeter. also suited for hazardous   liquids where pipe integrity is paramount . easy to install – clamps on to outside of pipe sizes 50mm to 4000mm.

• Ultrasonic flowmeter for liquids
• Easy to install clamp-on sensors with no process interruption
• No pipeline disturbance, no pressure loss
• Suitable for all types of pipes with diameters from 10mm to 3m
• Fast and accurate
• Built-in data logger
• Up to 4 independent flow channels
• Models for portable and fixed installation
  III.C) Rotameter variable area flow meter:
A wide range of glass tube rotameters are on offer, from simple low cost purge meters for flows up to 200 LPM water or 2000 LPM air, through to high precision rotameter flowmeter units used where accuracy is paramount on test beds and calibration rigs. units fitted with glass buttress connections are also available for use with corrosive fluids.

• Customized scales for readout in any desired units
• Attractive appearance for panel mounting
• Wide choice of materials to suit all applications
• Wide range of units
• Choice of calibration options
• Gas and liquid flows
• Sizes from 1.5 to 65mm            


III.D) Liquid/Gas Flow computers & signal converters.


Are used in a wide variety of applications in both oil and gas transfer systems. The computers take inputs from a variety of sources and then perform all the appropriate calculations. The results can be read on integral display and also transmitted to remote workstation.

* Liquid flow computers and signal converters:
• Measurement of up to four independent meter runs and proving in one flow 
• Easy to set-up & commission
• Intelligent PC configuration tool
• Simple system integration with adaptable communications software
• Flexible software–user selection of engineering units, base conditions etc
• Hot duty standby–fully redundant system with multi-stream flow computers

* 795X Gas flow computers & Signal Converters:
• Hot duty standby–fully redundant system with multi-stream flow computers
• Measurement of up to 4 independent meter runs (streams) in one flow computer
• Easy to setup & commission- intelligent PC configuration tool
• Flexible software–user selection of engineering units, base conditions etc
• Compatibility with most flowmeters and inputs for density, temperature and pressure
• Comprehensive on board logging and batching facilities
• Expanded data logging - up to 2 M Byte
• Simple integration–user defined “High Speed” lists


III.E) Wet gas flow measurement dual stream & sub sea well management (Sea stream):
Wet gas metering is the commonly used term in the industry for the metering of two phase flows where alarm proportion of the total volume flow is gas (the gas void fraction or GVF), mixed with small amounts of water and/or condensate. It’s a typical to differentiate wet gas from full multi phase flows once GVF's exceed 99%, but there is no hard and fast rule.

• Dual stream I
• Dual stream II
• Sea stream 


III.F) Primary DP Flow Measurement Devices:
Primary differential pressure producing devices are the most common types of flow meters used in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.  all DP devices are based on the measurement of pressure differential across a restriction in the pipeline, this differential can then be utilized to calculate the actual fluid flow rate of flow. process measurements on refineries, petrochemicals and upstream applications, covering liquids and gases. high velocity applications covering arrange of fluids low pressure loss applications offering low maintenance and high reliability.

Orifice plates 

Flow nozzles

Classical venturi tubes

Meter runs

Dall tubes

Wedge meters

Restriction Orifice

Orifice carriers


III.G) Flow switches & Indicators.

III.G.1) Flow switch:

The flow switch indicator is an extremely reliable and cost effective solution for high and low flow rate alarms and is typically used in cooling circuits and pump protection applications.

• Large range of wetted materials
• Explosion-proof and flameproof models
• Sizes DN15 to DN200 (½" to 8")
• Reliable flow rate alarm - Peace of mind
• Materials to suit most fluids
• Virtually maintenance free - Low cost of ownership


III.G.2) Eletta flow switch:
The eletta flow switch is a simple, mechanical, low cost liquid flow switch/monitor for use in a wide variety of industrial applications. It has been used extensively in industry for over 25 years.

• High or low flow switch
• Large easy to read display
• Insensitive to orientation and magnetic fields
• Robust design - fit and forget
• Flow switch with optional easy read display
• Utilized proven and reliable DP flow principle
• Most liquids and gases up to 500 cSt viscosity


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