Measurement & Control  
II) Pressure Capability.
  II.A) Series 9000 industrial pressure transmitter:
the 9000 series pressure transmitter is designed to perform in the arduous conditions of today's industrial measurement applications. using temperature compensated, surface mount electronics and a ceramic capacitive sensor, the 9000 series industrial pressure transmitter provides an accuracy of better than ±0.1% of calibrated span and excellent long term stability. at the heart of the 9000 is the ceramic capacitive sensor (CCS). this ensures extremely low hysteresis, high repeatability and high over range capabilities. the CCS replaces the traditional metallic diaphragm and sensor assembly and provides outstanding resistance to chemical attack.

4-20ma output, loop powered
 Flush mounted ceramic sensor                                
 10:1 turn-down
 High over range capability
 ±0.1% accuracy
 Good long term stability
 Wide range of process connections
 Non-interactive zero and span adjustment
 Wide variety of process connection materials


II.B) SST Sub Sea Transmitters:
The industry-leading SST range of transmitters are high accuracy (+/-0.075% of span) high stability (+/-0.1% of URL per 12 months), differential pressure transmitters, specifically designed for sub sea applications.

Depths up to 1500m
Line pressure API 5K & 10K rated versions available
Class leading crystal silicon sensor
Analog communication - 4-20ma
Digital communication - Hart/Foundation field bus
Class leading accuracy
Class leading stability
Compact and light
MTBF in excess of 20 years


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