Measurement & Control  

VIII) Suspended Solids Capability.


VIII.A) MCU200/433S Ultrasonic Sludge Density Monitoring & Control:


* Waste water:
• Primary sewage automatic sludge control
• Sludge thickening blanket level
• Secondary sewage high level blanket alarm
* Potable water:
• Wash water sediment levels
• GAC interface level
• Industrial effluent
• Monitoring china clay slurries
• Flue gas de-sulphurisation plants
• Sediment measurements in brewing             
• Mineral processing
• Industrial slurries
• Industrial slurry processing
• Nuclear waste


VIII.B) MSL600 Blanket level Monitoring:
The MSL600 sludge blanket monitor is a microprocessor based system with an abundant range of built-in, display, control and alarm features. the unit uses the sonar principle, with an ultrasonic pulse transmitted under water, allowing it to analyze the pulse of ultrasound which transmits vertically and reflects from the surface of the sludge. easy to use menu driven programming allows complete configuration of the unit. local programming is carried out via a membrane keyboard.

• Human machine interface
• Integral radio link
• Automatic sensor cleaning using air blast     


VIII.C) MSM400 ultrasonic suspended solids density monitoring & control:
The microprocessor allows HART communication on a 4-20ma output signal. the MSM400 unit also has two control relays to provide set point switches; or selected alarms for sensor failure or other fault. built-in clock and timer functions allow time based de-sludge operations for normal settlement tank systems.

• Simple calibration                   
• Micro based
• Analogue output
• HART compatible
• Keypad control
• Set point relays


VIII.D) MSM300 solids density and turbidity monitoring system:
The MSM300 monitor combines with all our infrared sensors to give a cost effective solution to suspended solids measurement applications. the monitor provides a large character display of the measured value combined with a scrolling information bar showing output status. the monitor will also give an analogue output and two relays that can be configured as high, low or fault alarms.

• Lockable keypad
• Easy to install
• 4-20 ma output
• Clear local display


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