Traction Elevation System.
  Traction Elevation System:

In projects that require long travels and high speeds, Kleemann offers complete traction elevation systems or subsystems in compliance with the specifications of European legislation. Among others, the Kleemann traction set consists of the machine, the machine base, the car sling, the counterweight sling, governor, guide rails and wire ropes. All the traction set components are distinguished for top manufacturing quality.

The available types of traction machines are the following:

  • One or two speeds
  • With VVVF drive system
  • Gearless

In particular, the combination of Gearless machines and VVVF technology achieves:

  • High speeds (up to 3,5 m / sec)
  • High travels
  • Smooth acceleration / deceleration, for greater comfort
  • High leveling and stopping accuracy that ensures ride quality
  • Energy savings (up to 30%) compared with conventional technology

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