UFTAS controller s, acting as the “brain” of a lift system , are equipped with a microprocessor that is designed to operate in the most effective way .thanks to the technique of detachable boards and the flexible programming system , any installer with no special skills can easily adjust the controller's operations according to the exact demands of each project .VVVF controller hydraulic controller direct startup the uftas controller :
covers lifts, from their simplest form, simplex to coordinated lifts in groups of two (duplex), three (triplex) four (quadraplex) up to 32 floors Is in compliance with all european standards (95/16/EC, EMC and LVD directives ) Provides as standard operation the control of automatic doors, floor masking, overload, etc. features the capability to compensate for speed as a function of the oil's temperature Informs of any possible problems or damage to the lift via local monitoring system offers the possibility of remote malfunction diagnosis through the use of a modem Is compatible with VVVF inverters for high speed traction lift applications hydraulic controller Y- D startup.


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