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Deck Box.


• Description:

Connection box made of strong white ABS plastic, produced in two different versions. the first one with 100mm height and the second one with 60mm height. due to its construction, this connection box is compatible with all swimming pool lights. this product bears a square lid, four stainless steel screws, special sealing O' ring incorporated on the lid and cable connector. the number of cable connectors varies in both versions. the 100 mm height have features one side-connector and one bottom-connector while the 60 mm height bears two bottom cable-connectors.
  • Specifications:

• Material: white ABS plastic
• Height: 100mm or 60 mm
• UV protection
• Chemical resistance

• Options:

• One extra side cable connector for the 100 mm height
• Two extra side cable connectors for the 60 mm height
• Special color


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