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Dry Products Measurement & Control.

 For continuous level measurement and point level detection of dry materials used in the chemical, aggregate pharmaceutical, plastics, and food and beverage industries. powerful ultrasonic & GWR transmitters give reliable level measurement and indication in most silos.

  I.D.1)  Paddle switch:

The Series PLS paddle switch may be used as either a high or low level limit switch for dry and solid products and is easily mounted through the wall of the vessel such that the paddle protrudes inside the vessel. series PLS paddle switches can be used with granular, palletized and powdered dry products and may be used in high level applications with materials over 160kg/m³ and low or intermediate applications with materials over 80kg/m³.

Time proven
Simple and reliable
Universal - Works in almost any dry material
Top or side mounting
Standard models to +150°C/+300°F
ATEX dust approval
Safe point failsafe model with fault relay

* Options.

High temperature models to 400°C/750°F
Extension shafts for top of silo mounting
Mounting plates available to simplify installation

  I.D.2) RF Capacitance Probe:

The CLS RF (radio frequency) capacitance dry products level switch is a microprocessor based, self calibrating level control with no moving parts, operating using the RF capacitance principle. Used for either high or low level alarm in silos and hoppers, the CLS level switch detects the presence or absence of products by monitoring the change in capacitance around the probe as it becomes covered or uncovered.

No moving parts
Material build-up compensator
Self calibrating
Adjustable time delay
Rigid or flexible probe
Temperatures up to 120°C/250°F
ATEX dust approval
Top or side mounting

  I.D.3) Vibrating rod level switch:

The series VLS vibrating rod dry products level switch is the perfect solution for single point level switching in free flowing solids and dry products across a wide density range, from fine powders to grains. the self-cleaning series VLS provides the solution in applications where tuning fork style switches may become blocked or bridged.

No moving parts
High and low level failsafe
Adjustable time delay
Sensitivity adjustment
Temperatures up to 160°C/320°F
85-265Vac or 19-55Vdc power
ATEX dust approval

  I.D.4) Ultrasonic Non-Contact Solids:

The ULT series of ultrasonic non-contact solids measurement level transmitters are self-contained solids level transmitters for use over a wide range of dry products from powders to bulk solids and aggregates. narrow beam angles and sophisticated echo processing techniques make these solids and dry product level transmitters ideal for measuring difficult materials where other transmitter technologies can not perform.

4-20mA, HART and RS 485 output
Integral alarm relay
Ranges of 15m/50ft, 30m/100ft and 60m/200ft
Integral aiming device
10.5 - 28V dc/ac or 85 - 255Vac
ATEX dust approval


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