Measurement & Control  

B) Electronic  Point Liquid Level Detection.


I.B.1) Vibrated Fork Liquid Level Switches:

It is ideal where space is limited or hygiene is paramount with no moving parts and minimal intrusion. It can be mounted in small pipes or vessels.


I.B.1.1) Squing 2 :

Is a vibrating fork point liquid level switch designed using the principle of a tuning fork? By using piezo-crystals the Squing 2 fork is forced to resonate constantly at its natural frequency.

• 316L stainless steel as standard                                             
• Hastelloy cwetside option                                                    
• Resistant to plant vibration                                                   
• Operating temperature of 150°c and pressure to 100 bar g   
• Choice of threads and flanges                                                
• No mechanical moving parts                                                
• Externally visible "heart-beat" LED                                       
• Magnetic test point on side of housing


I.B.1.2) Mini Squing:

The latest generation vibrating-fork level switch from Mobrey is small, light, robust and easy to install. It comes complete with an on-board microprocessor, self-monitoring and fail-safe functions and it costs significantly less than previous switches of this kind.

• Compact size
• Short fork technology
• Stainless Steel body and forks
• Multi-voltage (24-264V ac/dc)
• Status indicating LED
• 1.25" thread mounting
• Hygienic models with polished forks and Tri-Clover connection


I.B.2) Ultrasonic Point Level switches and systems.


I.B.2.1) Electrosensor / Electropulse & MCU200 control unit:

A wide range of ultrasonic sensors and remote control units are available, for use with a variety of liquids in many applications, ranging from industrial level detection, through self-checking systems, to totally failsafe systems.

• No moving parts
• Wide range of materials of construction to suit most applications
• Extensive custom design expertise
• Sensors to suit most liquids
• Choice of control electronics                                          
• IS system certification
• Relay or solid-state output                                                              
• Corrosion resistant PPS construction                                        
• 1” or ¾” threaded mounting                                                        
• Small in-tank dimensions
• 24V ac or dc powered
• Lightweight


I.B.2.2) SQUITCH 2 :

Squitch 2 is an ultrasonic gap sensor designed for switching in clean liquids. A 316SS wet side allows use in a wide range of liquids. Mounting is by a 1" thread, with extended length versions available for top of vessel mounting.

• Simple 2 wire installation
• 316 stainless steel wetted parts
• Works in most clean liquids
• LED status indicator
• No moving parts
• Hygienic models available
• May be interfaced directly to a PLC


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