Measurement & Control  

Level Solutions Capability.

  • Continuous liquid level measurement and control:
Accurate liquid level and contents data is vital in the process industries where inventories, batching and process efficiency are critical measurements. our complete range of continuous liquid level control products and technologies including ultrasonic non-contact, microwave radar, hydrostatic, displacer & submersible level transmitters, and self powered contents & magnetic level gauges with outputs including 4-20mA, hart, field bus communications and local relay control.

• Mechanical & Electronic point liquid level detection:
Reliable liquid level detection for high and low alarm or pump control is essential in the industry. overflows can be both dangerous and costly, while empty vessels lead to pumps or downstream processes running dry. It is important to select a level switch to suit the application, which is why uftas offers a choice of technologies and products, including the original float operated liquid level switches, vibrating fork liquid level switches and ultrasonic gap sensors and switches.


• Solids & Dry products level capability:
The measurement and control of dry products is important in all industries, from mining through to fine chemicals. Such is the diversity of product to be measured that no single instrument is capable of reliable operation in all materials. we offers a range of technologies to ensure that users are able to select the most appropriate instrument for the application including an RF capacitance switch, a paddle level switch, an ultrasonic non-contact solids measurement level transmitter and a vibrating rod dry products level switch.


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