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Description: Today, we’re looking for healthy escapes from all the stress in our lives. Many careers and lifestyles are products of a fast-paced, technological world. Sure, our jobs aren’t physically demanding but we really have to stay on our toes mentally. We’re always looking for something to give us that edge. Sometimes a little personal pampering nudges us a little closer to our goals. A sauna may be just what we need. A sauna is a dry heat bath taken in a well-insulated room lined with untreated kiln-dried soft wood and heated with igneous rocks. When water is sprinkled on the heated rocks, it creates a pleasant steam which further enhances the sauna experience. From high-powered executives to stay-at-home parents, more people than ever are finding out about all the benefits of owning a sauna. Imagine being able to come home from a long day at the office and slipping into the comforts of your own bath time paradise. Your muscles finally relax. All the hassles of the day leave your mind. You feel every ounce of stress drain from your body. Mentally, you step out feeling invigorated and refreshed. Not to mention the physical benefits you may receive of the sauna: skin cleansing, improved blood circulation, better muscle recovery, headache relief, less joint pain and a better night’s sleep. Sauna combines age-old traditions with modern design and technology, to create your own healthy escape.

The sauna is actually no new invention. The sauna goes back over 2000 years in time and has gone through various phases. Sauna is a way of living, which does not cost much. Sauna is feeling, scents, warmth, humidity and peace of mind. Sauna is the haven of Peace and Calmness.The sauna is an excellent way of relaxation that can be enjoyed at hotels, leisure centers or even at home. Saunas are constructed from pure Spruce or Pine. The interior furniture is made of Aspen.Sauna rooms are simply assembled using prefabricated wall and ceiling panels. The standard range allows a wide variety of layouts. Design may be tailored to personal choice with optional door, benches, aprons and windows. The darker shade of heat treated Aspen for doors, window frames and interior furniture enhances the exclusive appearance of the sauna  
• Material: Nordic spruce of 15 mm, Black Alder of 15 mm or Heat-treated Aspen of 15 mm
• Sauna benches made of natural or heat treated Aspen
• Wooden aprons (rod bending: vertical or 45°)
• Back rest
• Head rest
• Protective heater fence
• Duck board
• Sauna light with shade(for saunas 1-18 > 1 light, for saunas 19-25 > 2 lights)
• Corner entry
• Extra window

Sauna Heaters.
Description: Reliable and safe sauna heaters are an excellent choice for traditional Finnish type sauna. These compact wall mounted heaters are designed for domestic small and mid-size sauna rooms.
• The power range covers sauna rooms with volume from 3 m3 up to 66 m3.
• Available in black color or in chrome color
• 3 heating elements
• Voltage 380V -3 ph – 50 Hz
• Timer
• Overheating protection
• Build-in control in the front, left or right side of the heater or separate control

The sauna stoves are a good complement to the wide range of both in- and outdoor sauna cabins. The complete offer of the sauna stoves includes stoves within the electrical output of 2,3 to 33kW which covers sauna rooms with volume from 3 m3 up to 66 m3 and also traditional wood heated stoves.Available in black color or in chrome color
Voltage 380V -3 ph – 50 Hz Build-in control in the front, left or right side of the heater or separate control. So when wanting to operate the sauna stove from the outside of the sauna cabin, choose a stove with separate control box, which electronically controls the internal temperature of the sauna. The separate control boxes must be installed on the outside of the sauna cabin, in a dry location.

All the control boxes are approved units.
Its function is digital control box
• Numeric temperature display, max. +125 °C
• Max. Set value +110 °C
Operating times:
• 4 hours
• Pre-setting time max. 12h

Sauna Accessories.
Complete kit of sauna accessories made of wood or copper. Each kit includes: Ladle, water bucket 4lit., metallic thermometer, metallic hydrometer, sand timer, 2 sauna fragrances 50ml or you can choose from the followings:

Clothes hook
• twig/ 2 pcs
• with 3 hooks
• with 4 hooks
• Wooden casing, appr. 135x135 mm
• Wooden casing, appr. 135x135 mm
• for recreation room incl. works,
• hands and batteries
• Wooden casing, 250x130 mm
Wall stand for Cu-scoop
• wooden with screws
Copper scoop
• length appr. 52 cm. Wooden handle
Wooden scoops
• Handmade of birch wood,
with leather string.
• In lengths 36 and 50 cm.
• Wooden casing, drop-shaped
• Wooden casin, drop-shaped
Hour glass
• 15 min. with green text and sand
Sauna brushes
• Set of 2 brushes
Sauna brushes
• Set of 4 brushes
Sauna brush
  Sauna buckets 4 L
Sauna buckets 7 L
• Handmade of finest polar pine, tied with bamboos, bottom sealed with silicon.
• Inside impregnated.
Wooden plate
  Sauna bucket 4L
• without bottom, with inset
• for 4 L wooden bucket (80277)
Bathing advice A3
• 2-colour printing with funny trolls.
• 420x300 mm
Bathing advice A4
• 4-colour printing, appr. 210x300 mm
  Sauna pail
• Handmade, tied with bamboos 12 L
Sauna stool
• of pine wood. Height appr. 41 cm
  Foot tub
• Handmade, tied with bamboos 17 L
Ventilation valve
• Wooden. Appr. 140x390 mm
  Copper bucket
• 4 L, wooden handle
Wooden grill
• 180x200 mm
• 1000x425 mm
• 920/520x425 mm
Air vent
Ø 80mm
  Back support
• 180 cm, of aspen
Cover boarding between benches
• 180 cm, of aspen
• of aspen 240x200 mm
• of aspen480x300 mm
  Pair of door handles
• of aspen-wood with under piece of hard wood. • 1 pc with a nose. Screws
Roller latch
Bottle opener
• Wooden handles, opener/cork
Sauna guest book
• Wooden cover
Wooden beer mug
  Door handle set for wooden doors, roller latch
80366 Door handle set for glass doors, magnet latch

• External Ø 200 mm of pine, varnished, with a nose
• Internal 140x90 mm of aspen wood
Schnapps glasses
• of soap stone 4 cl
  Wihtori Steam Softener
• Triangular shell of stainless steel, with small holes in the bottom and original small sauna stones
• Install on the sauna stove stones
• Pour water on Wihtori when bathing
• Enjoy pleasant soft sauna air
Sauna bathing towel
• with nature motive. Size 70x135 cm.
• 100 % Cotton.
• Made in Finland
  Sauna heart Air Humidifier
• Special made steam cup with small decorative sauna stones
• Install in sauna stove
• Fill with water
• Enjoy comfortable humid sauna air
Sauna essences 500 ml
  Sauna Spirit
• of soap stone. For your sauna stove
Sauna Honey
160 ml
• Contents: wooden scoop, wooden bucket with inset, clothes hook/4, combined thermo-/hygrometer, hour glass, bathing advice
• Incl. Sauna-Honey, Massage Pellet, Brush-set (2), Birch-Steam-Aromatizer, Sauna essence Tar 500 ml
Packed in a gift bag
  Tolu Sauna Cleaner
• Disinfective detergent for sauna 600 ml
90 gr
110 gr
• 52x52 cm, 4-pane with cross bars, for • Joutsen. Openable.
72x52 cm, 6-pane with cross bars, for Joutsen and garden saunas. Openable.
Fiberoptic deco-light
• With 16 glass fibres.
• of 38 mm spruce wood. Plastic lining.
• 1625x1145 mm
of 38 mm spruce wood. Plastic lining.
2075x1625 mm
• for light No. 80425 and No. 80426, 300x320 mm, corner model
Sauna light
• VDE-approved up to 60 Watt. Porcelain base, white
• for glass door with 2 pins/hinge through the pane 50x120 mm
Lampshade Wooden
• for light No. 80425 or 80426. Corner model
• "do-it-yourself" assembly for light
Sauna light
• VDE-approved up to 60 Watt, 250V
Sauna light
• Incl. shade. Shade made of birch, non treated.
• Can be installed on a flat wall or in a corner.


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