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Main Drain (circular grate).

  • Description:
Round main drain made of durable white ABS for the recycling of the swimming pool's water. the grille's diameter is 204 mm and features 2 fixing stainless steel screws. suitable for concrete pools.
  • Specifications:

• White ABS material
• Round shaped
• Grate diameter: 175 mm
• Chemical - resistant
• UV protected


• Main Drain (Round shaped).

  • Description:
Drain grille made of white ABS material produced in two versions: suitable for concrete or liner pools. Both versions are complete with fixing screws. a 2'' threaded exit is located at the side and a vertical 50mm-diameter-exit (blocked) is located at the bottom part, enabling the installer to use the most convenient one. Its design is anti-vortex-compatible.
  • Specifications:

• White ABS material
• Round shaped
• Anti-vortex design:
• Grate-diameter: 200mm
• Vertical exit in 50mm slip connection[blocked]
• Side exit: 2'' female thread
• Liner guide that makes the flange's fixing easier
• Double liner holes for easier replacement
• Chemical - resistant
• UV protected


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