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Transformer 220/12 V- 300 W.


• Technical specifications:

Technical specifications:
Primary voltage:                                              230-250V, 50Hz.
Secondary voltage:                                          12 V
Max. Power:                                                    300W.
Classification:                                                  IEC 742 safety isolating class II.
Thermal class:                                                 IEC 85: 130 ºC.
Primary fuse:                                                   3, 15 A  -5x20 mm.
Secondary fuse:                                               25A auto fuse.
Surface noise at dimming:                                 <35dBA / distance 1 m.                             
Max. ambient temperature:                               +40 °C.
Mounting measures:                                          182x135 mm
Weight:                                                            4.5 kg
  • Application:

Lighting transformer type 300/1-K is recommended for light tracks and in connection with distributor box. Max. Power ,300W. the connection cable between the transformer and the track is at least 6mm2. The transformer can be mounted vertically on a wall or horizontally on solid ground. the units must not be stacked.   


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