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• Telescopic Handle.

Aluminum tubes that can be extended and connected to one another through their outside control locking system, and form long telescopic handle. the tubes are made of high quality aluminum, anodized both inside and outside with shinning blue color. strong joints that lock and stabilize the tubes and ergonomic grips for an easy handling. Inner tube diameter: 11/8", outer tube diameter: 11/4".

  • Specifications:

• High quality aluminum tube construction 
• Inner and outer pole anodized with shiny blue or white color
• Outside locking for easy adjustment and control
• Two-pieces pole with Ø/ 11/8" for the inner tube and Ø/ 11/4" for the outer tube
• Available in 1,80-3,60m, 2,40-4,80m & 3,75-7,50m sizes


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