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Under water lights 300 w – 12 v.

  • Description:
A discreet fixture under the water providing strong illumination suitable for both concrete and liner pools. made of ABS, it is supplied complete with a 300W-12V, PAR 56 bulb, 1m of flexible conduit hose, niche and 5 m of special underwater cable 2x4 mm which makes the exchange of the bulb trouble-free. the front face can be adjusted to the recessed body either by clip connection or by screws. the hose connector located on the side, has an incorporated bronze cable gland. the connector can also be placed at the bottom part of the light. two different front face designs are available.
  • Specifications:

• Recessed pool light for concrete pools
• Recessed pool light for liner pools
• Material: ABS
• 300W - 12V PAR 56 bulb
• 5 m cable 2x4 mm
• 1m of flexible conduit hose
• UV protection
• Chemical resistance
• Protection rate: IP-68
• Relamping without lowering the water level
• Underwater operation only
• Side cable outlet
  • Options:    
  • Bottom position of the hose connector
• Different cable length

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