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Filters for commercial pools.

  Sand filter commercial laminated filters, manufactured by the molding system, using polyester reinforced with resin impregnated fiber glass. oval man hole on top, 400 x 300 mm. Lid with threaded knob and bridge made of polypropylene and fiberglass. Internal filtration system standard equipped with laterals. the filters with diameter between Ø 1.050 and Ø 2.350 include two threaded circular viewers made of transparent Perspex.  
  • Specifications:

• Mixture of fiberglass and polyester material
• Different flow rates :
  from 40 to 217 m3/h
• Bottom cap for water and sand discharge
• Filtration bed depth : 1 m.
• Maximum working pressure: 2.5 kg/cm2
• Maximum operating temperature: 50 ⁰C

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