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Filters for residential pools.

  Sand filter constructed by strong fiberglass mixed with polyester material. it comes in intense shiny yellow or red color and features a steady triangle-leg-base. Air relief valve, pressure gauge and bottom cap that discharges the water and sand, are included. the collector arms and diffuser are made of un plasticized PVC and the filter lid of black or transparent polypropylene mixed with special reinforcing glass. this is screwed on the filter by six stainless steel screws or by screw the cover only. the filter works with both 6- way side valve manual or automatic selector valve that fits at the side part of the filter and controls the complete functions for the right operation of the pool.  
• Specifications:

• Mixture of fiberglass and polyester material
• Different flow rates up to 32 m3/h
• Bottom cap for water and sand discharge
• Supplied with six-way manual valve and connections
• Maximum working pressure: 3 kg/cm2
•Maximum operating temperature: 80 ⁰C

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