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Boiler equipment boiler feed tanks.


Heating the boiler feed water prior to its entrance into the boiler reduces oxygen levels in the water which can cause corrosion and also reduces the amount of chemical dosing required.

• Materials.

• Carbon Steel: All wetted parts are manufactured from quality british Standard steel plate and the internal surface is coated with a water research council approved epoxy lining system offering good protection against internal corrosion.
• Stainless Steel: GMS can manufacture the spill tank from both AISI 304L or AISI316L grades stainless steel. The tank is internally supported using stainless steel angle and the whole structure is acid cleaned after manufacture. (Please note that stainless steel hot wells can be subject to corrosion if high concentrates of chlorides are present in the system).
• Design. The HW hot well is manufactured to suit the individual customers’ needs. Therefore a detailed drawing is produced to enable the customer to mark up his connection requirements (this is most helpful when the unit is a replacement and ensures pipe work alteration is kept to a minimum) a test certificate is issued on completion along with a report on the soundness of the internal coating (carbon steel tanks).

• Components included as standard.

  • Direct steam injection kit
  • Vent head
  • Electrical level control system
  • Electronic cold water make up feed
  • Tank contents sight gauge

• Additional components.
  • De-aerator head assembly (see separate leaflet)
  • Re-circulation system
  • External ladder assembly
  • Sample cooling system

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