Combustion & Heating Systems  
S.Steel tubular radiators.
• Bathroom Radiators

Tubular S.Steel radiators for hot water systems up to 8 bar and 110 °C.

• Main features
- Made from stainless steel tubes, comprising two Ø38mmcylindrical vertical headers located side by side at the ends of the radiator. The horizontal tubes, which are also made up of Ø18mm stainless steel tubes, are welded onto two vertical headers to form 4-pipe intercommunicated bundles.
– Three basic heights 1218, 1400 and 1764 mm.
- Accessory kit. Set of 2 telescopic wall brackets in chrome-plated zamak finish.
• 1 Stop for chromed zamak tubes
• One 5mm Allen key for fixing the brackets
• 1 nickel-plated brass plug ½”
• Two nickel-plated brass air vents ½”
• Raw plugs and woodscrews for fixing the brackets
- Two 1/2" tappings
- Can be connected to a two-pipe or single pipe system
- Tested to a pressure of 18 bar which guarantees their water-tightness
- Can be installed in two versions: hydraulic (hot water), electric-combined (with heater element)
- Individually packed with corner pieces and cardboard side protectors


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